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All Nations Canada 150 Stamp & Coin Auction #1115 - Noon 1 July 2017

Lot #DescriptionEstimateCurrent BidBid
1Canada #1a F/VF Used 1851 3d Orange Red pencil note on back $1200.$400.00$198.00
2Canada #2 VF Used 1851 6d Albert, clear laid lines $2000.$750.00$495.00
3Canada #2 F/VF Used 1851 6d Shade $1500.$750.00$665.00
4Canada #3Pi VF 1851 12d Black Plate Proof, Carmine Specimen overprint $2500.
5Canada #4 XF Kingston #18 4-ring Numeral Used 1852 3d Beaver $300.$150.00$195.00
6Canada #4a VF Used 1853 3d Brown Red $350.$150.00$145.00
7Canada #4d about VF Used 1852/1857 3d Thin Paper Horizontal Pair $600.$200.00$99.00
8Canada #5 Fine Used 1855 6d Albert, expertly repaired $800.$200.00no bids yet
9Canada #7 VF Used 1855 10d Cartier Thin Paper $2400.$750.00$528.00
10Canada #8i about Fine Used 1857 1/2d Lilac Rose $550.$200.00no bids yet
11Canada #9 about Fine Used 1857 7.5d Green $2000.$500.00no bids yet
12Canada #10 VG Used 1857 6d Reddish Purple Thick Paper, small thin $1500.$400.00$198.00
13Canada #11 F/VF Used 1858 1/2d Rose Perforated Pence, small flaws $1750.$500.00no bids yet
14Canada #12 about Fine Unused appearing 1859 3d Red Perforated Pence $600.$250.00$79.00
15Canada #16 Fine Used 1859 10c Black Brown, corner rounding, small flaws $3500.
$1,000.00no bids yet
16Canada #19a 11 Au 1862 17c Transatlantic Cover w/ various markings $400.$125.00$66.00
17Canada #22 Fine Mint 1868 1c Large Queen, corner crease, small spot $800.$150.00no bids yet
18Canada #25iii VF Used 1868 3c Thick Paper Large Queen, small perf tears $600.$150.00$100.00
19Canada #26 Fine regummed to appear never hinged 1875 5c Large Queen $465.$150.00no bids yet
20Canada #28 Fine Unused 1868 12.5c Large Queen $600.$200.00$99.00
21Canada #29a F/VF Mint HR OG 1874 15c Large Queen, clipped perfs $3000.$600.00$425.00
22Canada #30c Fine Crown Cancel Used 15c Thick Paper LQ, clipped perfs $1000. $250.00no bids yet
23Canada #33 VG/Fine Used 1868 dated 3c Laid Paper, faults, Greene cert. $700.$250.00no bids yet
24Canada #34 VFNH 1882 1/2c Black SQ Gutter Block of eight with offset $1300.
25Canada #34 about VF 7 NH top margin reversed Plate 1 Imprint Block, gum spot $200.00no bids yet
26Canada #35 Fine Never Hinged 1873/1874 top margin Imprint Strip, gum bends (5)$75.00no bids yet
27Louis Riel, S. Davis & Sons, Montreal Real Photo 2.5x4” Tobacco Ad Card$200.00$180.00
28Canada #54-61 F/VF Mint 1897 5c-$1 Jubilee, creases $1800. (8)$200.00$90.00
29Canada #55P about VF 1897 6c Jubilee Plate Proof, cple trivial spots $350.$100.00no bids yet
30Canada #61 Fine Mint 1897 $1 Jubilee $600.$200.00no bids yet
31Canada #61 Fine Used 1897 $1 Jubilee, ink spot on back, ex Davidson $600.$200.00no bids yet
32Canada #62 Fine or better Mint 1897 $2 Jubilee $1200.$400.00$198.00
33Canada #62 Fine or better roller Used 1897 $2 Jubilee, owner's backstamp $400.$125.00no bids yet
34Canada #63 Fine Used 1897 $3 Jubilee, hidden wrinkle, ex Davidson $800.$200.00no bids yet
35Canada #64 F/VF matching face-free Purple Used 1897 $4 Jubilee $1200.
36Canada #64 F/VF Union Station roller Used 1897 $4 Jubilee, ex Davidson $1200.$400.00no bids yet
37Canada #65P VF right margin 1897 $5 Jubilee Plate Proof, only 800 issued $800.$300.00$330.00
38Canada #65 Fine regummed 1897 $5 Jubilee, re-entry, wrinkle $1000.$250.00$286.00
39Canada #65 Fine Union Station roller Used 1897 $5 Jubilee, perf crease $800.$200.00no bids yet
40Wilfrid Laurier 1895 Prescott Dominion Campaign red silk Ribbon w/ 1979 letter$50.00$10.00
41Canada #80 VF Mint HR 1898 6c Queen Victoria Numeral $300.$100.00$45.00
42Canada #81 VF Mint HR 1902 7c Queen Victoria Numeral $250.$75.00$34.00
43Canada #86P XF 1898 2c Map Vertical Plate Proof Pair, thick card, ex Brigham$200.00$55.00
4425 Dec 1898 Toronto Flag 2c Map transatlantic First Day Cover, small faults $900.$300.00$110.00
45Canada #93 VF Mint HR 1903 10c Brown Lilac Edward VII $800.$300.00no bids yet
46Canada #98 VFNH 1908 2c Quebec Tercentenary $210.$100.00$97.00
47Canada #104 XFNH 1911 1c Dark Green George V Admiral $120.$60.00$38.50
48Canada #105 about VF 28 NH left margin 1c Admiral Block of 30, thin in one $3400$1,000.00$440.00
49Canada #105LW VFNH 1922 1c Type C Lathework bottom margin Block $600. (4)
50Canada #106a VFNH 2c Admiral exploded #BK5 $240.$100.00$45.00
51Canada #108/119 VF & F/VF Mint 1911/1925 3c/20c Admirals $347. (6 different)$100.00no bids yet
52Canada #112c VFNH 1925 5c redrawn vertical line in upper right spandrel $210.$75.00no bids yet
53Canada #114LW VF Mint 7c bottom margin Type D Lathework $250.$100.00$65.00
54Canada #119 F/VF Never Hinged 1925 20c Admiral $260.$100.00$45.00
55Canada #120 VF+ Never Hinged 1925 50c re-engraved Dry Printing $390.$125.00$132.00
56Canada #122iv about VF Registered Used $1 Admiral Block of 32, trifle sep. $640.$200.00$82.50
57Canada #124 Fine Mint 1 NH 1913 2c Admiral Vertical Coil Pair $330.$100.00$65.00
58Canada #125-130 VF & F/VF NH 1912/1924 1c-3c Admiral Coil Set $584. (6)$200.00no bids yet
59Canada #130b VF Mint 3c Admiral Die II Horizontal Coil Pair $250.$75.00$60.00
60Canada #139i Fine NH 1926 2c Slanting Surcharge rt margin Block, toning (10)$300.00no bids yet
61Canada #157b VFNH 1929 20c Harvesting Horizontal Perf by Imperf Pair, gum spot
62Canada #158 XFNH 1929 50c Bluenose $700.$300.00$300.00
63Canada #158 Fine or better Stamps NH top margin plate A2 Block, hdlng mks (4)
64Canada #158iii Fine Used Man on the Mast Variety, hidden wrinkle $1000.$250.00$220.00
65Canada #184 F/VF NH top margin Plate A14 3c Admiral Block of eight $165.+$75.00no bids yet
66Canada #203i about VF 4 NH rt margin Broken X Variety Block of six, bend in three $150.00no bids yet
67Canada #208 Fine or better 1 July 1934 Gaspe cacheted 3c Cartier First Day Cover$50.00$5.00
68Canada #241-245 VF+ Mint 1938 10c-$1 Pictorial Set incl 50c Vancouver $250. (6)$75.00$40.00
69Canada #245i VFNH 1938 $1 Chateau Aniline Ink Variety $225.$75.00$40.00
70Canada #249-262 VF Mint 1942/1943 1c-$1 George VI War Set $200. (14)$75.00$34.00
71Canada #249/262, C7/E10 1 July 1942 oversized War First Day Cover $400.$125.00no bids yet
72Canada #261 F/VF NH 1942 50c Munitions Plate One Matched Set $960. (16)$300.00$126.50
73Canada #262 VFNH 1942 upper right $1 Destroyer Plate One Block, hdlng mks (4)$250.00no bids yet
74Canada #262 VF+ Never Hinged 1942 $1 Destroyer Block of Four $600.$200.00$99.00
75Canada #334i VFNH 1953 50c Textiles top margin Fluorescent Paper Variety $200.$75.00$60.00
76Canada #614a VFNH 1973 15c R.C.M.P. Imperforate Vertical Pair, bottom fault $125.00no bids yet
77Canada #727a F/VF NH 1979 $2 Kluane left margin Missing Silver Variety $400.$150.00no bids yet
78Canada #806a VFNH 1979 17c Parliament Imperf Horizontal Coil Strip $400. (4)$150.00$80.00
79Canada #BK4b Fine or better NH 1922 Complete Booklet $600.$200.00$99.00
80Canada #BK10c F/VF+ NH 1923 Complete Booklet $600.+$300.00$121.00
81Canada #C3ii Fine NH 1932 6c Shifted Surcharge Airmail Block $570. (4)$200.00no bids yet
82Canada #CLP1 26 Aug 1918 cacheted 25c Toronto/Ottawa Flight Cover etc, faults
83Canada #CLP2g VF Mint 1918 25c Burning Zep se-tenant Pair, thin at left $1700.
84Canada #CLP3b 25 Aug 1919 $1 Aero Club First Flight Cover etc, age spots$300.00no bids yet
85Canada #CLP3c 25 Aug 1919 $1 Aero Club First Day Cover, age spots $925.$300.00no bids yet
86Canada #CLP5i 1 Oct 1924 $1 Estevan/Winnipeg Wide Spacing Variety Cover $300$150.00no bids yet
87Canada #CLP9 Mint 1926 25c Pane w/ Invert upper right & Filled Wing, sep. (8)$200.00$82.50
88Canada #CL41 VF Unused 1927 10c Perf by Imperf Vertical Pair $450.
$200.00no bids yet
89Canada #CL41 1 July 1927 Lac du Bonnet/Rice Lake pilot-signed Cover, toned pfs$100.00no bids yet
90Canada #CL42 13 Apr 1928 Carcross/Atlin re-entries First Flight Cover $65.+$75.00no bids yet
91Canada #CL41i 13 Apr 1928 Whitehorse Star Flown Newspaper, small flaws $160.$75.00no bids yet
92Canada #CL43 4 July 1928 Rolling Portage Flight Cover to Montreal $175.$75.00no bids yet
93Canada #CL44i 3 Aug 1928 Vancouver/Victoria First Flight Cover $200.$100.00no bids yet
94Canada #CL48a, CL48d NH left margin 10c Thin Paper Block w/ Broken Oval (10)$75.00no bids yet
95Canada #CL51, CL51c 1932/1933 10c Edmonton/Ft McMurray & return Cover duo$75.00no bids yet
96Canada #CL52 19/21 July 1934 Edmonton/Ft McMurray & return Cover duo $180.$100.00no bids yet
97Canada #J1 VFNH 1906 1c Postage Due Block of Four $320.$100.00$70.00
98Canada #MR3 VFNH 1916 2c+1c George V Admiral War Tax $180.$75.00$60.00
99Canada #MR4LW Fine NH bottom margin Type A Lathework Block, some sep (4)$150.00no bids yet
100Canada #MR7 VFNH 1916 2c+1c George V Admiral War Tax Coil Pair $360.$125.00$100.00
101Canada #OA195-OA199 VF Used 1932 1c-5c 5-hole Type A Perf OHMS $410. (5)$125.00no bids yet
102Canada #OA217-OA219, OA241a, OA242 VF Used 1935/38 5-hole Perfin $340. (5)$100.00$98.00
103Canada #O1i, O2i, O3i VFNH left margin Narrow Spacing Variety Strip trio $210. (9)$75.00no bids yet
104Canada #O23 VF stamps NH lower right Plate One 1950 20c G Overprint Block (4)$75.00$34.00
105Canada #O32 VFNH 1951 G Overprint $1 Totem Plate One Matched Set $400. (16)$150.00no bids yet
106Canada #O47i, O48i VFNH lower left Blunt G Variety positional block duo $240. (8)$100.00$75.00
107British Columbia & Vancouver's Island #2 VG Mint OG 1860 2.5d Shade $500.$125.00$82.50
108British Columbia #11 Fine Mint HR OG 1867/1871 25c on 3d Orange, sml flaws$150.00no bids yet
109British Columbia #12i Fine Mint HR OG Inverted Watermark Variety, nibbed perf $750.00no bids yet
110British Columbia #14 Fine Mint HR OG 1869 5c on 3d Bright Red ex Painter $4000
111British Columbia #15 Fine Mint 1869 10c on 3d Lilac Rose, owners backstamps$400.00no bids yet
112British Columbia #16 Fine Unused 1869 25c on 3d Orange, cple toned perfs $750.$200.00no bids yet
113British Columbia #16 Fine blue Victoria numeral 35 Used, small tear $750.$150.00no bids yet
114British Columbia #17 Fine Unused 1869 50c on 3d Violet, short perf $1200.$300.00no bids yet
115British Columbia #18 Fine Unused 1869 $1 on 3d Green, usual rough perfs $1800.$500.00no bids yet
116Paid Wells Fargo Victoria, V.I. 1875/1878 Unused 3c SQ Cover ex Wallace$100.00no bids yet
117Sam Greer, Dec. 1884 2-page Map & landclaim Letter, ex Wellburn (his page 80)
118Foote & McMillan 1911 Vancouver, B.C. Express Co. Framed B&W Photo, ageing
119Alys Mckey Bryant, 31 July 1913 Unused Vancouver, B.C. Flight Postcard$100.00$110.00
120New Brunswick #1 VF indistinct numeral Used 1851 3d Red, thin $700.$150.00no bids yet
121New Brunswick #1 8 Sep 1854 3d Folded Letter Sheet w/ various markings, crease$150.00no bids yet
122Newfoundland #6 VG Used 1857 6d Imperforate, two margins $3500.$500.00no bids yet
123Newfoundland #20 m/s Used on undated 6d transatlantic Cover, as is $7500.$300.00no bids yet
124Newfoundland #98-103 about VF Mint HR 1911 6c-10c Guy Set $575. (6)$200.00no bids yet
125Newfoundland #C3f 1921/1922 35c Botwood/Halifax Narrow Spacing No Period Cvr$150.00no bids yet
126Newfoundland #C12 VFNH 1932 $1.50 DO-X Airmail w/ 1999 P.F. Certificate $800.
127Newfoundland #C12 19 May 1932 $1.50 DO-X First Day/Flight Cover $500.$200.00$110.00
128Newfoundland #C12i 19 May 1932 Slanting Surcharge Cover to Germany, foxed perf$200.00no bids yet
129Newfoundland #C18 VFNH 1933 $4.50 on 75c Balbo Airmail, perf corner crease$300.00$121.00
130Newfoundland Mint 1932 $1 Wayzata Airmail Sheet of 20, album offset on 10 $1000$200.00no bids yet
131Nova Scotia #1 F/VF Used 1853 1d Red Brown $525.$125.00$66.00
132Nova Scotia #3 28 Apr 1859 3d Dark Blue Folded Letter Sheet, toned margin $500.$150.00no bids yet
133Nova Scotia #6 about Fine Used 1851 1/- Red Violet, owner's backstamps $3500.$500.00$192.50
134P.E.I. #9, 9ii, 9v Fine mainly NH 1868/1870 4d Black Sheet, selvedge flaws $600.$200.00$77.00
135Canada XF+ 1858 small date Silver 5 Cents $120.+$100.00$44.00
136Canada AU 1870 Silver 5 Cents, small facial scratch, Die Crack $200.$125.00$80.00
137Canada VG 1926 Far Six Variety 5 Cents $165.$125.00$80.00
138Canada VG/Fine 1870 & 1871 Silver 10 Cents duo $105.$75.00$5.00
139Canada G/VG 1893 Key Date Silver 25 Cents $175.$100.00$5.00
140Canada AU 1946 Voyageur Silver Dollar, scratch $85.$75.00no bids yet
141Canada VF 1948 Key Date Silver Dollar, scratches $1150.$750.00$935.00
142Canada Proof 1980 Arctic Territories $100 Gold .497oz AGW
143Canada Proof 1982 Constitution $100 Gold .497oz AGW
144Canada #BC-1 AU 1935 George V $1 Banknote serial number A99377037, spot$200.00$145.00
145Canada #BC-27c VF 1937 prefix B/J $100 Bill $150.00$133.00
146Hudson's Bay Company Good 1846 York Factory Shilling Banknote $700.$400.00no bids yet
147Hudson's Bay Company Fine 1868 York Factory Pound $2000.
$1,000.00no bids yet
148Hudson's Bay Company/Dease Post, B.C. VG $1 Scrip $1000.
$600.00no bids yet
149Percy Lesueur 1910/1911 Imperial Tobacco #2 Rookie Hockey Card, weak corners$200.00$5.00
150Art Ross 1911/1912 Imperial Tobacco #31 Hockey Card, central crease
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The Gerald Wellburn collection of historic Vancouver 1851/1899
at All Nations Auctions 2017
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