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Canada 2005 Proof 50 cent Silver Butterfly Hologram

Canada 2005 Proof 50 cent Silver Butterfly HologramArtistry in flight

Their bright and colourful wing patterns are a marvel. And every summer, people around the world are witness to a fluttering art show as these natural works of art take flight. Antarctica is the only continent without butterflies.

Of the 24,000 species in the world, Canada is home to 297 of them, including the Great Spangled Fritillary (Speveria cyhele), one of 26 species of fritillaries that can he found from coast to coast. They are divided into two groups: "greater" and "lesser:" and the Great Spangled Fritillary is one of the largest and most widespread of the greater fritillaries.

The males are bright orange with black veins on the upper surface while the females are yellowbrown and darker on the base of the wings. They are easily distinguished from the other nine species of Speveria because they do not have the black spot that is normally found near the base of the forewing.

Canada 2005 Proof 50 cent Silver Butterfly Hologram

The Great Spangled Fritillary is a fast and active butterfly that enjoys feeding on milkweeds and thistles. Groups of these butterflies can often be seen in open fields and along roadsides although research has shown that a loss of habitat is affecting population levels. They are most prevalent in July, but can he observed from June through September where favourable climatic conditions exist.

The Coin

This sterling silver coin is certified to be 92.5% silver with a weight of 9.30 grams and a diameter of 27.13 millimetres. Jianping Yan from the Royal Canadian Mint produced the design to create the stunning hologram for this coin. The obverse features the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

Canada Proof 2005 Great Spangled Fritillary butterfly
Hologram silver 50¢
Only 20,000 minted.

$49.95 CDN

Note: Silver is currently in a speculative market and silver coins may be unavailable or subject to price changes. Please phone or email before ordering to confirm price and availability.


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