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Canada 2005 Proof Silver Saskatchewan Centennial $5

Canada 2005 Proof Silver Saskatchewan Centennial $5From many peoples strength - Celebrating 100 years of Saskatchewan pride and optimism (1905 - 2005).

The early development of Canada was driven in large part by the fur trade as it expanded west across the continent.

In 1867, Nova Scotia. New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec were entering Confederation, but the West was still in the throes of European settlement. Any land beyond Ontario fell under the jurisdiction of the Hudson's Bay Company and did not have provincial status.

However, the fur trade had begun its fatal downturn and the Hudson's Bay Company sold its territories to the Government of Canada.

The timing was perfect. Canada had been feeling expansionist pressure from the United States; now it could solidify its claim to the West by settling the land with wheat fields.

Canada 2005 Proof Silver Saskatchewan Centennial $5

Sowing wealth from the stubborn prairies was not for the faint of heart. Still, immigrants flooded in and those that came were strong and fiercely independent people. A mosaic of cultures began to cover the prairies and as communities grew, so did the need for provincial self government.

After more than 30 years of confident growth, the region that was then known as the North-West Territory was divided into two provinces, Alberta and Saskatchewan. They joined Confederation on September 1, 1905.

Designed by Canadian artist Paulett Sapergia, the coin depicts a meadowlark standing on a fencepost festooned with barbed wire, with the prairie in the background. Sprigs of wheat, railroad tracks, the ubiquitous grain elevator and summer thunderclouds complete the picture. The obverse shows the effigy of Queen Elizabeth by Susanna Blunt.

This proof $5 coin is 99.999% silver with a diameter of 36.07 mm and a weight of 25.175 gm.

$59.95 CDN

Note: Silver is currently in a speculative market and silver coins may be unavailable or subject to price changes. Please phone or email before ordering to confirm price and availability.

There is also an Alberta Centennial coin.


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