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1999 $15 Year of the Rabbit Gold Cameo Coin

Year of the Rabbit Gold Cameo CoinFor years, the Royal Cnadian Mint has produced annual commemorative coins featuring the animals of the Lunar zodiac. These have become very popular with collectors.

All nations has found several coins of this series and offers them to collectors who may have missed out in the year of issue.

The coin is 40 mm in diameter and is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The central cameo with the rabbit is 24 karat gold plated. The nominal value is $15 Canadian.

All Nations has also found some 1998 Year of the Tiger coins.

Year of the Rabbit Gold Cameo Coin

$95.00 CDN

Note: Silver is currently in a speculative market and silver coins may be unavailable or subject to price changes. Please phone or email before ordering to confirm price and availability.


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