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2006 Quebec Winter Carnival Gift Set

Quebec Winter CarnivalWinter was one of the great challenges Quebec’s first immigrants had to overcome. In order to escape the monotony of the dark and cold, they would get together to eat, drink and be merry - an annual winter gathering that grew into the largest winter carnival in the world.

Every year, people from around the globe gather in Quebec City to experience the distinctive heritage of New France in an incomparable Nordic setting. Come join the fun with the 2006 Quebec Winter Carnival Gift Set. It includes a 25-cent coloured coin featuring the ambassador of this celebration, Bonhomme Carnaval. Ever been to the Quebec Winter Carnival or wanted to go? This coin will inspire everyone to join Bonhomme for a bundle of fun!

Quebec Winter Carnival2 dollars - Polar Bear
1 dollar - Common Loon
50 cents - Coat of Arms of Canada
25 cents (coloured) - Bonhomme Carnaval
10 cents - Bluenose
5 cents - Beaver
1 cent - Maple Leaf

$19.95 CDN


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