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Canada 2001 Legendary Creatures Cover perforation variety

Canada 2001 Legendary Creatures Cover perforation varietyStories of imaginary creatures abound in many cultures and Canada's folklore is not without its own 'monsters'.

The supernatural creature known as the Loup-garou is the French-Canadian counterpart of the European werewolf. According to legend, those who neglected their religious obligations for seven years would be transformed into a wolf or occasionally some other animal.

Ogopogo is the fabled aquatic monster said to inhabit Lake Okanagan in British Columbia.

Known for centuries by local Indians as a great serpentine beast, it is reported to swim with an undulating motion and is generally "sighted" as several humps moving through the water.

Long before the many modern-day sightings, the Indians told of the Sasquatch who lived in the forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Half-man and half-beast, this large, hairy humanoid is said to stand two to three and a half metres tall, weigh three to four hundred kilograms and walk upright.

Canada 2001 Legendary Creatures Cover perforation varietyOriginating in the legends of Scandinavia, the Kraken was an enormous sea serpent often mistaken for an island. The many descriptive accounts of the Kraken suggest that its ancestor is the giant squid, whose existence was confirmed only a century ago off the coast of Newfoundland.

Canada #1282d 4 x 39¢ Legendary Creatures, Perforated 12.5 x 12 variety block of four on first day cover.

Normal perf is 12.5 x 13.5 and other then FDC's, used blocks are very scarce.

$11.95 CDN


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