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Canada 2010 Year of the Tiger Souvenir Sheet

Canada Post unveiled the new Year of the Tiger stamps on January 8 in Vancouver's Chinatown.

The international rate stamp, which is only available on a souvenir sheet, has the a seal imprint at the top and the image of a tiger in nature, illustrating the status of the tiger in Chinese lore. "In China, the tiger is at once a figure of power and obedience. Tigers are respectful of their culture, community and the authority of their traditions. They represent values that have helped guide generations of people into prosperity, while promoting a cohesive culture" said Wilson Lam, principal of Wilco Design in Toronto, who designed the stamps.

The stamp itself depicts an image of a ceramic tiger, heavily embossed. Gold foil is sprinkled across the surface of both stamps, the first time that random foil has been used on a stamp.

The long scroll-like shape of the souvenir sheet, which will be used in all the souvenir sheets of this, the second series of zodiac stamps, is rooted in Chinese tradition as it is thought that scrolls were first used in China.

VFNH 2010 Year of the Tiger Souvenir Sheet.

$3.95 CDN

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